Parents: "If I Could Change One Thing..."

We asked our reader panel: If you could change one thing in your ADHD child’s life, what would it be?

Second guessing his intelligence.

—Amy, Columbus, Georgia

> To take away my son’s feeling of failure in the classroom. Teachers draw a lot of attention to him because he needs extra help.
An ADDitude Reader

> To stop being an introvert and be more outgoing and social.
¬—Ann Yarbrough, Leesburg, Virginia

> To have teachers who understand that ADHD is biological, and who know how to accommodate students with executive function challenges.
Belinda, California

> To help him manage time better. At 20 years old, he can’t tell how long it will take to get somewhere or to complete a task.
Elizabeth, Virginia

> I wish she would overcome her low self-esteem. She’s bright, fun, and creative, but she’s her own worst critic. I wish I could take away her negative self-talk and her quickness to downplay her abilities.
Leslie, Chicago

> I am older now, but as a child, I wish I had been more up front about why it was difficult for me to grasp what others found so easy.
T. Cioffi, Medford, Oregon

> I would make school easier for him. He’s managed to adjust to a lot, but school, especially math, remains hard. I wish I could find a public school near to us that would teach him the way he learns.
Dee Boling, New Orleans, Louisiana

> To have a more supportive spouse in helping me raise our child.
Ann, New York

> To give him the ability to complete a task that he’s not interested in.
Hannah, Illinois

> To avoid having my son labeled the “bad” kid at school because of his impulsive behaviors. His self-esteem is in the basement.
Christine M., Cleveland, Ohio

> The deep-seated hurt my ADHD child feels at having been given up for adoption.
Deb, Connecticut

> I wish my daughter’s brain didn’t have to work so hard to get things done.
Carolyn, Winston-Salem, North Carolina

> That it’s OK to do things differently.
Sydney, California

> I wish he would accept that he needs help and medication.
An ADDitude Reader

> I wish I could be more available to my son.
Kathy, Illinois

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