Spare Symptoms: What ADHD Medication Couldn't Fix

We asked our readers: In your personal experience, what ADHD symptoms could NOT be controlled by your medication?

Meds don’t help with self-esteem.

—An ADDitude Reader

> It hasn’t helped with emotional outbursts.
An ADDitude Reader

> Medication sharpens attention, but it doesn’t improve executive function skills, like working memory and organization. I wish there were an easy fix for those.
An ADDitude Reader

> I believe medications help with most ADHD symptoms. The problem is that they don’t help completely. Learning through experience — both good and bad — has helped my son a great deal.
Elizabeth, Virginia

> Clutter management and organization are still problems at our house. We are thinking of hiring an organizer.
Heather Dye, Tulare, California

> Meds haven’t helped me control intense emotions. ADHD meds give me focus, but therapy has given me the understanding of why my feelings are so strong at times.
An ADDitude Reader

> My Adderall XR doesn’t help me with impulsivity.
An ADDitude Reader

> Medication does a great job of managing many of my daughter’s ADHD symptoms, but it doesn’t help with impulsivity. My daughter is quick to perceive a slight (real or imagined), and she’s competitive with her non-ADHD sister. These traits could be a function of her personality.
Leslie, Chicago

> My child’s impulsiveness is not helped by the meds, nor is the paranoia that everyone is judging her. We talk these things through at home.
Laurie, Ontario, Canada

> The ADHD medication doesn’t increase his interest in, and motivation to do, something he does not like. The medication also does not help him to learn how to calm himself down when he gets upset or overstimulated.
An ADDitude Reader

> ADHD medication didn’t help me form good habits and develop routines.
An ADDitude Reader

> Meds haven’t helped with fidgetiness. However, treatment has helped with social relationships a lot.
An ADDitude Reader

> Meds haven’t helped with our daughter’s verbal impulsiveness. We hate to have to remind her all the time about this. If we don’t, she interrupts everyone and is so annoying that no one will be her friend.
Vickie, Virginia

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