Achievement Unlocked! Your Proudest Accomplishments

Goals are tough to meet when ADHD symptoms constantly threaten to throw you off track. These readers kept at it and succeeded.

To get married and have a family.

— Mark, New Jersey

ADDitude asked: "Which goal did you accomplish (finally) that you are most proud of?"

I finished writing a novel — even though I promptly stuck it in a drawer. — Caroline, Texas

I got vocational training in a job that I love doing. Few things in life have brought me more happiness than finding a way to make money at something I love. I still have days when I hate my job, but I have fewer of them than I used to. — Cherese, Utah

I put together a one-day seminar for professionals about integrating services for children with ADHD and other challenges. I toured the country for 10 years conducting it. — Carol, Ohio

Feeling confident. I'm smart. I never believed it until now. — An ADDitude Reader

Homeschooling my child for two years. — Danette, Puerto Rico

I wrote an 82,000-word comedic memoir about my cancer experience, and it was published. Then I adapted it into a 60-minute monologue and memorized it, by visualizing every word as a picture. — Janice, United Kingdom

I unpacked my house, after living here for eight years. — Dana, Michigan

Being my son's advocate at school and getting him on the right track. — Monica, Missouri

After nearly four years of having the word "Podcast" written on my dry-erase board in my home office, I launched one. It's called "ADHD reWired." -Eric, Illinois

Learning not to always say the first thing that pops into my brain. — An ADDitude Reader

I joined Weight Watchers and lost 40 pounds. — Melissa, Pennsylvania

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