20 Great Accommodations for ADHD Students

You know your child best, so come to the IEP or 504 meeting armed with ideas for accommodations that can help her shine at school. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Problems with Handing in Homework, or Losing or Forgetting Homework

15. Have the teacher sign the assignment book each day to indicate that your child has the proper homework written down

16. Have an extra set of books at home

17. Use a website or homework hotline to list homework assignments, so that parents can check to see what should get done

18. Allow for “bad” homework days. Children with ADHD often take longer to complete homework assignments. Add one or two extra days to complete homework, especially if parents have notified the teacher that the student spent time working on the assignment. If a teacher is notified that homework took several hours but still was not completed, adjustments should be discussed and allowed

19. Have parents check off homework that was completed to let the teacher know it was done, even if the student cannot find it to turn in

20. Use a buddy system to help the student pack up at the end of the day and make sure he has all the materials and books he needs

When coming up with accommodations for your child, think about which areas your child struggles with during school and the comments you have received from teachers throughout the years. Think about what strategies you use at home that are helpful to your child. This should give you some idea of what types of accommodations you should ask for during the meeting. Note: Most of the accommodations listed here do not cost the school money and are not difficult to implement.

Click here for Step 9: Draft IEP with the Team.

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