Preparing for an IEP or 504 Meeting: A Parent's Checklist

How should I prepare for the IEP/504 Plan meeting with my child's school? How can I increase the odds of getting the best accommodations for him?

Compiling the Documents

Should I compile other documents for the meeting and hand them out to all of the attendees?

Yes, bring your child's report cards, doctors' recommendations, and other documents. Some of the attendees did not see this information because they were not part of the assessment process. The following checklist should help:

1. Copies of the student’s most recent evaluation

2. Results of any outside testing

3. Reports and recommendations from doctors, therapists, or other medical professionals

4. Communications from teachers

5. Reports from outside tutors

You might be concerned about sharing too much information. Do you need to share your child’s entire history or his medical records? Don’t share anything you are uncomfortable with others knowing, but keep in mind that you may need to share additional information to back up your requests.

Ask the school in advance who will be attending the meeting, so you can make packets of your child’s profile and documentation for each attendee. Do not make extra copies of confidential information, such as your child’s medical records.

Finally, before the meeting, make an agenda checklist — a list of things you want to discuss. What services do you want? How often? Are there problems with anything in particular, like a teacher or another student? How will the school let you know how your child is doing? How often are they going to contact you? Is there a way for you to find out what his homework is going to be? Tick off each item as you get a satisfactory answer in the meeting; place a question mark next to ones that aren’t adequately answered.

Bring paper and a pen to the meeting to keep notes and to write down anything you want clarified.

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