How to Collaborate with Your Child's Teacher

Schedule a teacher meeting to understand your child's struggles with ADHD at school, and to establish rapport that builds bridges. Here's how to take the first steps toward better teacher collaboration.

How ADHD Affects Your Child

Teachers can provide valuable information about academics, classroom behavior, and social skills. ADHD doesn’t affect intelligence. If your child has attention deficit and is struggling academically, it is probably an indirect result of ADHD traits. ADHD may affect your child in the following ways:

1. POOR ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS: Your child might have trouble keeping materials organized or keeping track of books, pencils, or other school materials. He might have trouble planning projects or large assignments.

2. HOMEWORK CHALLENGES: For many children with ADHD, homework is an everyday nightmare. It takes several hours to complete assignments that non-ADHD children complete in 15 or 30 minutes because of the inability to stay focused. Your child might forget what the assignment is, or forget to bring home the books or materials needed to complete the homework. After spending hours doing homework, he might forget to hand it in or lose it somewhere between home and the classroom.

3. INCONSISTENCY: Your child might perform well one day and be totally off the following day. Inconsistency is a hallmark of ADHD and is confusing for many parents. You wonder why your child can sit down and do his homework quickly one night and spend four hours on it the following night. You think your child is deliberately misbehaving. This inconsistency is common in children with ADHD.

4. DISTRACTIBILITY: Lack of focus is a common symptom of ADHD. It means your child has a hard time focusing on tasks for extended periods, unless they are high-interest activities.

5. TROUBLE SITTING STILL: Not all children with ADHD show signs of hyperactivity. However, those who do can’t sit still. They need to get up and walk around, or are constantly fidgeting. Children with ADHD often get up at inappropriate times during class, or they seem squirmy all of the time.

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