"My Dream for the Future Is..."

What would you do if you knew you could not fail — or be hampered by ADHD? Our readers shared their biggest dreams.

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To sit still long enough to finish writing one of the three books I've started.

— Betty, Comment posted online

ADDitude asked readers to share their dreams for the future.

I would love to open a charter school that helps ADHD kids function at their best. — Gina, Comment posted online

That I live to see my two sons grow up into positive, well-mannered, well-educated, financially stable, hard-working men who are in beautiful, healthy, and stable relationships. — Jen, Comment posted online

To finally decide what I want to be when I grow up. After all, I'll be 40 this year. — Linda, Comment posted online

That my son survive middle school with his self-worth intact. — Julia, Comment posted online

To wake up and start writing epic songs like Ryan Adams. It's a stretch, but it's my dream nonetheless. — Justyn, Comment posted online

My dream is to conduct a classical orchestra. — Michael, Comment posted online

Lose the weight I gained through self-medicating with food. — Delores, Comment posted online

My wildest dream is to find an ADHD treatment that works longer than a couple of months at a time. My son and I both have to adjust every two months or so, and it's frustrating. — Christin, Comment posted online

To have my boys grow up and be good human beings who have jobs that comfortably sustain them. — Kim, Comment posted online

To get my home clean, organized, and presentable. — An ADDitude Reader

To be as healthy as I can be and to keep loving life. — Marsha, Comment posted online

To have a successful long-term relationship with a woman who can live with my disabilities, Asperger's, and ADHD. — Lance, Comment posted online

To paint a mural and to have a million people see it. — An ADDitude Reader


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