Bex Taylor-Klaus Found Her Niche While Managing ADHD

What helps this successful actor deal with attention deficit? Pursuing her passion, believing in herself, and asking for help when she needs it.

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I’m still learning to manage my ADHD.

— Bex Taylor-Klaus

I was a tomboy who played football with the boys, but made up stories about figurines at home. I thought everyone was my friend. Yet when I look back, I didn’t fit in anywhere.

I was diagnosed with ADHD in kindergarten. Following instructions was complicated for me — and boring. I loved to read because it let me slip into another world. But as I got older, I was frustrated that I couldn’t do what the teachers wanted me to do. I started to feel stupid.

My life changed at 10, when my mom and a nutritionist figured out that I was gluten-intolerant. Gluten made me anxious and moody. Without it, I felt much better, but it was hard to give up donuts and challah at such a young age.

School didn’t get any easier, but, on the softball field and on the stage, I started to find success for the first time. At 18, I moved to Los Angeles, where I finally felt like I belonged.

I’m still learning to manage my ADHD. Three things help me do that: 1) doing what I love; 2) asking for and accepting help; 3) learning to believe in myself, thanks to my supportive family. What could you achieve if you believed in yourself?

—Bex Taylor-Klaus, 19, actor, currently on Arrow and House of Lies

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