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Spring 2017: Your Amazing ADHD Brain

What the ADHD Brain Wants (and Why)
At times, it feels the ADHD brain is never sated — particularly when it comes to video games, sex, and substances. Here's why your brain craves these things — and how it affects your day-to-day behavior.

Children Left Behind
Thousands of kids are being underdiagnosed and undertreated for ADHD — due in large part to their race or ethnicity. Why is this happening, and what needs to be done to fix it?

How to Raise a Happier Child
Art projects — like these creative suggestions — enable a child with ADHD to see her strengths in a world that too often criticizes.

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Winter 2016: ADHD Therapies That Work

Challenge Your Thoughts, Change Your Life
CBT is backed up by clinical results and research evidence showing that the therapy delivers real-world benefits for adults with ADHD — namely higher self-esteem, productivity, and happiness.

Make Peace With Your Defiant Child
Read the stories of two mothers who traveled down long roads of therapy, medication, tears, and breakthroughs to help their sons with ODD live better lives.

The Relationship Fix
Whether you're married, dating, or in a long-term romantic relationship, ADHD can take a serious toll on both partners' communication skills. A new kind of couple's therapy may be the solution.

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Fall 2016: Success at School

The Secrets of ADHD Emotions
Emotional Distress Syndrome strips you of self-confidence. It makes you feel flawed. Worthless. Hopeless. But it IS within your control. Here's how.

Can-Do Kids
Teaching resilience to kids isn't always on the minds of today's teachers or parents. But it should be, argues Jerome Schultz, Ph.D.

Dear ADDitude
ADDitude experts and readers answer your toughest, most important questions about improving your child's education and school experience while managing the symptoms of ADHD.

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Summer 2016 Cover

Summer 2016: Succeeding with ADHD

6 ADHD Heroines Who Inspire Us
Meet six successful women who learned to own their ADHD symptoms and found success in the process.

How to Manage Time in One Easy Step
Tired of wasting time? This new ADHD-friendly tool — called the Solve-it Grid — will help you get more done every day without feeling drained or]]
Inside the (Aging) ADHD Brain
The latest research on how the ADHD brain changes over time. Plus the differences among normal aging, mild cognitive impairment, early dementia, and some classic attention deficit symptoms, and why it is never too late to be diagnosed and treated for ADHD.

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Fall 2015: The Success at School Bible

Your Back-to-School Bible
230 smart solutions to your child's school challenges — from the ADHD experts.

7 Biggest Diagnosis Mistakes Doctors Make
When it comes to ADHD, even doctors make mistakes. If your doctor falls into any of these common traps, it may be time to set her straight.

ADHD or a Sleep Disorder? Find Out
Some sleep deficits can mimic the symptoms of ADHD — or add on to an already difficult-to-manage disorder.

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Summer 2015: Get Things Done

Tricks to Manage Time and Increase Productivity
Struggle with time management? 11 ADHD experts and professionals share their best strategies for getting more done — on time.

17 Rules for Controlling ADHD Emotions
Powerful emotions can knock ADHDers off their feet. To keep your feelings under control, follow these 17 tips from Ned Hallowell.

Food Therapy for Your Child with ADHD
Medication isn't everything — when it comes to treating ADHD symptoms, the right diet can be among the most effective forms of therapy.

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Spring 2015: Get Organized with Technology

30 Must-Have Apps for ADHD Minds
Use the power of these smartphone apps to manage ADD symptoms ranging from distractibility and disorganization to poor sleep.

Get Ahold of Yourself! 15 Ways to Tame ADHD Emotions
Emotional self-control is the key that unlocks better focus, stronger self-motivation, and consistent stress management.

How to Exercise Your Memory
If you forget phone numbers or grocery lists on a daily basis, follow these easy tips to boost your working memory.

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Winter 2014: Natural ADHD Treatment

9 Food Rules for ADHD Families
Here's what you should (and absolutely should not) be eating to help your brain and body.

How to Lose Weight the ADD Way
Executive function problems, sleep issues, and impulsivity can make losing weight tough. Here's how to stay fit, trim, and healthy with ADHD.

Expert Strategies for Beating Boredom
These tools juice up boring tasks — at home or at work — turning them into stimulating activities that actually engage your ADHD brain.

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Fall 2014: Learning with ADHD & LD

Your Complete IEP/504 Guide
How to create, implement, and maintain an IEP or 504 Plan that secures school accommodations for your child with ADHD or LD.

Defeat Digital Distractions for Good
If left to its own devices, the ADHD brain may pay more attention to Facebook and e-mail than it does to job and family. Here's how to block out digital distractions to improve productivity and attention.

The Key to Saving an ADHD Marriage
What's the secret to a healthy ADHD marriage? It may be in the way couples communicate when they fight — and how quickly they forgive and move on afterward.

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Summer 2014: Winning with ADHD

How to Defuse an Angry Child
Your child may not be able to use his words to express his feelings calmly — so learn to listen with your heart to help him feel understood.

The Latest Science on the Other ADHD
It looks like inattentive ADHD, but it isn't. It's called Concentration Deficit Disorder (CDD), and here's what you should know about it.

Tools for Quick, Stress-Free Decisions
Overwhelmed by choices? Paralyzed by possibilities? You need this guide to thinking clearly and choosing wisely with attention deficit.

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Spring 2014: The How-To Issue

Get Things Done
The biggest productivity problems ADHDers struggle with—and solutions to accomplish more daily.

The Right Way to Get the Right Diagnosis
An accurate diagnosis is essential to managing ADHD—but it may not be easy to get one. You'll need a qualified clinician and a solid evaluation.

Secrets of ADHD Treatment
You have ADHD — so your treatment plan should be based on how people with attention deficit think, feel, and live.

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Summer 2013: The ADHD Brain

Did I Just Tweet That?
Strategies for short-circuiting impulsive clicks online.

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Spring 2013: The Discipline Issue

Expert Discipline Strategies
No-punishment parenting tips for changing the way your child behaves.

ADHD Medications Explained
An ADHD medication expert answers your questions to help you find an effective regimen.

Taming ODD in ADHD Kids
Recognize and tame ODD behavior in your child with these strategies.

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Winter 2012: Guide to Alternative Therapies

Alternative Therapies 101
Non-medical remedies that can ease the symptoms of attention deficit.

Best Clean-Up Secrets
Messy house? Give yourself a reason to clean.

Traveling Without Hassle
How to pack your suitcase without wanting to pack it in.

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Fall 2012: Success at School

Wired, Tired, & Sleep Deprived
These strategies are a great start for putting ADHD symptoms to bed. Raising Socially ADD-ept Kids
Sharpening nonverbal communication skills clears the way for friendship.

Ohh, I Forgot
Remember what you have to do in time to do it.

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Summer 2012: Making it with ADHD

It's a Woman's World
These seven bold women with ADHD didn't let the disorder, or the world, hold them back.

It Can't Be 5 P.M. Already!
Time not on your side? The following 17 strategies will make it a lot friendlier.

Your Child's Brain on Music
Music therapy is sound treatment for children with ADHD, teaching them self control and sharpening social skills.

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Spring 2012: Camp & School Special

Medicate My 4-Year-Old?!
The controversy over new ADHD diagnosis and treatment guidelines

It's All in Your Head
Organizing your desk and files can bring order to your life. Organizing your mind can change it.

Clutter Cures
An ADHD woman battles disorganization with a highly personalized clutter-busting system -- and wins.

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Winter 2011: Beyond the Meds

Can't Take Him Anywhere?
How to Stop ADHD Tantrums

The ADHD Food Fix
How to Fight ADHD Symptoms With Diet and Supplements

Your ADHD Brain -- Only Stronger
Using Cogmed Working Memory Training

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Fall 2011: School Success

ADHD in Women and Girls
The Importance of Early Diagnosis

ADHD Medication Mistakes Even Doctors Make
The top ADD/ADHD medication mistakes even doctors make and the top myths even treatment professionals believe.

Improve Working Memory for ADHD Children
Help your ADHD tween or teen retain more information.

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Summer 2011 : Making It with ADHD!

It's the Little Things!
Manage time, battle clutter, fight forgetfulness, and be as organized as experts with these 40 tips!

Women We Love
These seven ADHD women don't let their ADHD diagnosis, ADHD symptoms, or the world, hold them back.

Fishing for Tasty Omega-3s
These fish oil and omega-3 products have been taste-tested -- and approved -- by ADDitude's panel of ADHD children.

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Spring 2011: Camp & School Special / ADHD Relationships

I'm OK-You're Not!
If you and your ADHD partner feel this way about each other, you need to change things before it’s too late. Here’s how.

Saving Katie
Finding the right school for my daughter changed her world.

Brain, Disrupted
Toxins, outside and inside the home, may be causing ADHD in children.

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Winter 2010: Alternative Treatments and Therapies

Holiday Gifts for the Whole ADHD Family
Our holiday gift picks for the ADHD child, tween, teen, or adult in your life.

Reduce Anxiety Naturally
Six tips for treating anxiety without medication.

Brain Fuel: "I'm Not Hungry, Mom"
Loss of appetite is a common side effect of ADHD medication in children. If you hear this familiar refrain, try the following five tips.

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Fall 2010: Success at School for Kids with ADHD

Success-at-School Guide
Tips, tools, and encouragement, for parents and teachers, to help your student do his best.

Your Brain on Exercise
Physical activity not only encourages new brain cells to be born, it also produces smart chemicals that helps them learn.

Prescription for Problems?
Switching to a generic drug causes unintended consequences for some adults and children. What you should know.

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Summer 2010 cover

Summer 2010: ADHD Relationship Advice

Making Marriage Work
You need more than love and good intentions to make an ADHD marriage work. Be sure that your toolbox contains these strategies.

Reality Knocks
Depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, and ADD: What to do when you are diagnosed with all three?

Summer School Secrets
How to hold on to what your child learned during the school year.

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Spring 2010: Diagnosing and Treating ADHD

ADHD Treatment: Making Meds Work
A pill is not a quick fix. It takes time to work and patience to find the correct dosage.

Children and adults with executive function disorder (EFD) have problems with organizing and schedules.

When Your Child Is the Bully
What parents can do to help their ADHD kids stem aggression at school.

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Winter 2009: 6 Alternative Therapies That Work

6 Alternative ADHD Therapies That Work
Foods, supplements, and herbs that can improve attention and cognitive function without side effects.

Is It Autism or ADHD?
If you are not sure -- and most parents aren't -- here's what you should know.

Med Ed
A guide to fixing your ADHD child's medication snafus.

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Fall 2009 Cover - Success at School

Fall 2009: Success at School for ADHD Children

An accurate diagnosis isn't easy to come by, but getting one is the best way to improve your life. Find out how your diagnosis stacks up - or doesn't.

Smart Foods for the ADD Brain
These recommended foods and snacks - rich in ADD-friendly nutrients, free of dyes and preservatives - will fill your child's stomach and awaken his brain.

Success at School
ADDitude's annual handbook is packed with invaluable learning strategies for home and school.

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Summer 2009 Cover

Summer 2009: ADHD-Friendly Diets

The ADD-Friendly Diet
10 foods, supplements, and herbs that can improve attention and cognitive function without side effects.

Tell Your Boss?
Have you considered telling your boss about your ADHD? Don't do it - until you read this.

We Can Work It Out
Couples raising children with ADHD have a higher divorce rate than those who aren't. The seven-point plan can save your marriage before it gets to the breaking point.

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Spring 2009: Anxiety Disorder and ADHD

Save Money, Live Better
It's Wal-mart's mantra, and it can be yours—thanks to this ADD-friendly plan.

Digging For a Diagnosis
How to figure out whether your child has an anxiety disorder or ADHD—or both.

Short-Fuse Strategies
If you get defensive for no reason — or overreact when there is one — try these anger-management tips.

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Winter 2008: Beyond ADHD Meds

Happily Ever After: Relationship Advice for ADHD Adults
Relationship advice for the ADHD adult who wants to build strong bonds with a spouse, friend, or child.

12 Steps to Better IEP Meetings: School Accommodations Help for Parents
How parents can set up productive school accommodations and make sure they keep working all year long.

9 Secrets to Surviving Your ADHD Teen
Discipline strategies that will leave parents and ADHD teenagers on talking terms.

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2008 Fall cover

Fall 2008: ADHD Success at School

The Best School Year Ever for ADHD Kids!
How parents can help children with ADHD begin the school year right by connecting with teachers, hammering out accommodations, and keeping an open mind.

Focus Factors
ADHD adults and children may actually concentrate, focus and stay on task better with a little foot-tapping, gum-chewing fidgeting.

When Moms Have ADD, Too!
Tools for managing your child with ADHD — and your own symptoms of adult ADD.

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Summer 2008

Bullied No More!
How one resilient sixth-grader defeated the class bully with smarts and savvy

More Carrot Less Stick
Behavior therapy accentuates the positive by giving a child productive habits to use in place of problematic ones

Is Your ADHD Child Addicted to Video Games?
How to break the cycle of video game addiction in children with ADHD

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2008 spring cover 0804

Spring 2008

Finding the Best Camps for Children with ADHD
Strategies for finding a summer program designed specifically for your child with ADD

Exercise: An Alternative ADHD Treatment
A renowned ADD expert explains how physical activity changes your brain for the better

Does Your Child Have a Learning Disability?
How to determine whether your child has a learning disability like dyslexia

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0801 DecJan08 Cover

December - January 2008

Neurofeedback: How to Train the Brains of ADHD Children
Can this alternative ADHD treatment help your child reduce impulsivity and increase attentiveness?

Exercise: An ADHD Treatment With No Side Effects
How physical activity can help children and adults with ADHD to better focus.

Making Friends with Adult ADD
Expert strategies for making friends at social gatherings.

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October - November 2007

Raising Resilient Children with ADHD
How ADDitude readers help their kids cope with challenges at school and at home.

Family Feuds: How to Squelch Unsolicited Parenting Advice
Do your relatives offer unsolicited parenting advice for your child with ADD?

Enjoying the Holidays with Adult ADD
8 ways to simplify life so you can actually enjoy the celebration this year.

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Cover August - September 2007

August - September 2007

10 Must-Have Conversations: To make the most of the coming school year, talk to your child, your teacher, your doctor, other parents, your family — and yourself.
Back-to-School Checklist: Every step you take this summer — before classes begin — will bring you closer to a stress-free start of the school year.
Outgrowing ADHD: Will my child need to take ADHD medication for the rest of his life?

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April - May 2007

How to Raise a Superstar: Behind every successful ADDer is a tenacious, resourceful mom. Here, meet three such mothers — you may already know their children
Saying Yes to Mess: An emerging movement encourages us to embrace chaos and discover the benefits of disorder
Helping the Teacher Help Your Child: Line up the special school services your child needs

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February - March 2007

Making Friends at Camp: Summer programs that help foster social skills in ADD / ADHD kids
The Dangers of Self-Medication: How seeking treatment can help addition-prone ADDers beat drug and alcohol abuse
The Power of Praise: Help your ADD / ADHD child build confidence and achieve success

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December 2006 -January 2007

Top 10 Questions About Meds...Answered!: What Every Parent Should Know
The Diagnostic Puzzle: How Parents Cope With a Child's Diagnosis
The ADHD Marriage: How to Ensure Domestic Tranquility

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October - November 2006

Here's What Works For Me...: The Best Solutions for Daily Parenting Dilemnas
Behavior Therapy: Pills Don't Teach Skills
Why So Sad?: Strategies for Combating Depression

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August - September 2006

Good to Go (to College): Essential Life Skills Kids Must Learn
Silencing the Naysayer: Strategies for Dealing With ADD Skeptics
Better Learning Ahead!: Mobilize the Support Your Child Needs

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June - July 2006

Nothing Can Stop Us: Athletes Share Their ADD Victories
Finding Joy on the Job: How to Draw On Your ADD Assets for Career Success
12 Secrets of Succesful Parenting: Strategies for Facing Behavioral Challenges with Confidence

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April - May 2006

Discipline Made Easy: Get Your Child to Do the Right Thing Without Shouting
Inside the ADD Mind: How Parents Cope With a Child's Diagnosis
When AD/HD Is Only Part of the Story: How to Identify and Find Help For Comorbid Conditions

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February - March 2006

Standing Up for Your Child's Educational Rights: How to Nudge a School in the Right Direction
Saying No to Side Effects: What Causes Them and How to Stop Them
Fun! Friends! Learning?!: Summer Programs for ADD Kids

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December 2005 - January 2006

Get Your Life Under Control: 33 Strategies for Cleaning Up Your Act
The ADHD Road Map: Think Your Child Has ADD? Everything You Need to Know
Finding Friends: Half of All ADD Kids Have Trouble Making and Keeping Friends

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October - November 2005

Maybe It’s Not ADD After All: Nonverbal Learning Disorders are Frequently Mistaken for ADD
Boxed In by ADD: Why Women Have Such Trouble Getting an Accurate Diagnosis
Breaking the Spell of Hyperfocus: How to Harness the Power of Hyperfocus

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August - September 2005

ADD at Work: Is an Inability to Focus Huring You on the Job?
The (New) Big Drugs on Campus: Protect Your College Student Against Stimulant Medication Abuse
Can the Right Diet Ease ADD Symptoms?: How Nutrition Can Make a Difference

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June - July 2005

Secrets of Focus: Finding the Best Way to Curb Distractibility
Would You Be Better Off Without Meds?: How to Approach This Critical Question
Your Little Genius: Parent-Child Exercises That Build Better Behavior and Boost Self Esteem

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April - May 2005

So Many Camps, So Short a Summer: Everything You Need To Know About AD/HD Camps
Making the Transition to Adulthood: Secrets for Graduating From the Teen Years
Reduce the High Cost of ADD Treatment: Simple and Effective Financial Strategies

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February - March 2005

You've Got Adult ADD... Now What?: How a Late Diagnosis Can Bring the Promise of a Better Life
The Truth About TV & ADD: The Scoop on Today's Most Controversial Studies
Applications 101: Help Your ADHD Teen Master the College Admissions Game

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December 2004 - January 2005

Dyslexia Diaries: A Little Boy Who Couldn't Read Goes On to Become a Best-Selling Author
Laugh It Up: How Humor Can Reduce Stress and Strengthen Ties at Home
ADD in the Corner Office: Five Executives Prove That Their Learning Disability Can Become a Capitalist Tool

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October - November 2004

Stimulant Strategies: Five Rules for Using ADHD Medications Safely
Is it AD/HD or APD?: Does Your Child Have an Auditory Processing Disorder?
Mrs. Clean: Simple Strategies for Combating Clutter

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August - September 2004

Get Organized For School: Learn the Two Main Ingredients of Academic Organization
Pay Attention!: 10 Steps to Improving Focus
College Material: How to Prepare Your ADD Teen for College

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June - July 2004

Six Ways to Make the Most of Summer Vacation: Strike the Right Mix of Scheduling and Spontaneity
Behavior Therapy: It Works!: How Parents Can Make a Real Difference Now!
It's About Time: Syncing Clocks with Your Non-ADD Spouse

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April - May 2004

How Routines Help Kids: How to Provide the Structure Your Child Needs
Take it Outside!: How to Make the Most of Al Fresco Workouts
How to Coach the Coach: Make a Difference in Your Child's Team-Sport Experience

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February - March 2004

I'm Not Hungry, Mom: When Medications Trigger Loss of Appetite and Weight
Bedtime Battles: What's Keeping You Up at Night and Making It Hard to Wake Up
Get A Head Start on Tax Season: Deal With Your Financial Files Ahead of Time

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