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Message to the ADDitude Community
From Founder Ellen Kingsley

We want ADDitude to be the one place you can turn to for all your questions, concerns, and needs.

Our content serves as a vital resource for professionals – teachers, healthcare providers, employers and others – who interact with families living with attention deficit disorder and learning disabilities every day. If your child’s teacher or your wife’s boss has a question about ADHD or LD and its treatment, we want you to send them to our website for material that’s concise, responsible, and helpful.

Finally, we are a national voice for people with ADHD and learning disabilities, many of whom are children who have difficulty speaking for themselves and asserting their rights. Some of us at ADDitude have ADHD or LD kids and others have ADHD or learning disabilities themselves. We’re in this with you.

Welcome to ADDitude, the leading destination for families and adults living with ADHD and learning disabilities.

Founded in 1998 by Ellen Kingsley, an award-winning journalist with a unique ability to convey credible information with empathy and inspiration, ADDitude magazine has provided clear, accurate, user-friendly information and advice from the leading experts and practitioners in mental health and learning for almost 10 years.

What will you find on ADDitude's site? There's so much:

  • Practical information about raising children, including behavior and discipline strategies, help making and keeping friends, and organizing for success.
  • Hundred of answers from ADDitude’s expert panel to difficult questions asked by real people living with ADHD or learning disabilities.
  • Inspiring first-person life stories from people who share the emotions of their diagnosis and the strategies they followed after it to succeed.
  • A community of individuals sharing tips and experiences with one another in ADDConnect.
  • The best organization tips anywhere to help you manage time and space management and get things done — at home, in the office.
Explore the site, take part in our community, and check back often as we add new resources daily.

Finally, we'd love to hear from you. Share your personal success tips here, add your story in ADDConnect, and write to our editors. We look forward to hearing from you.

Susan Caughman Wayne Kalyn
Publisher Editor