Optimistic Outcomes

A user-friendly study tool for parents and their children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) or learning disabilities.

Optimistic Outcomes by Maureen McKay

Find valuable tips in this teaching resource -- without having to read it cover-to-cover.

by Maureen McKay
Optimistic Outcomes/Silverlining Press; $34.95
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My favorite new teaching resource for parents of ADD/ADHD students isn’t a toy, a magazine, or even a lengthy book. It is actually a flipbook.

This powerful and insightful resource can be propped up on its built-in easel. It is organized by nine areas of concentration, like study strategies, life skills, language arts, and math. Each section includes strategies and ideas from top-notch special education teachers. These tips, along with a supplemental CD, will help elementary-age students overcome problems in their topic areas.

The beauty of Optimistic Outcomes is that busy parents and teachers don't have to read it cover-to-cover to find valuable tips. User-friendly tabs allow you to go directly to the sections you are interested in or to what is relevant to your student.

The bites of information will answer any questions you may have, and suggestions are presented in an easy-to-find format. Icons at the bottom of each page are keyed to match all learning styles: auditory, visual, or kinesthetic (hands-on). The parent-to-parent tips, found on each page, are like a chat with the author.

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