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5 Sleep Tips for ADHD Children

Follow these rules to help your ADHD child get a better night’s sleep and wake up well rested.

ADHD children often struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep.

1. Avoid Caffeine

No snacks or drinks that contain caffeine, such as chocolate and soda pop, after 4 pm.

2. Set a Bedtime

ADHD children need structure and routine. Set a nightly bedtime and stick to it.

3. Make Bedtime Fun

Give your child a 10-minute warning, and then use that 10 minutes as a wind-down period. Choose a relaxing activity, such as listening to music, singing or reading, before putting your child to bed.

4. Use Relaxation Techniques

ADHD children may suffer from separation anxiety at bedtime. To help your child relax, try calming techniques such as deep breathing or massage.

5. Keep a Sleep Diary

Keep a daily log of your ADHD child’s sleep habits. Note when he goes to bed, when he wakes up, and whether he sleeps through the night.

If you suspect your child is having serious sleep problems, talk to your doctor about getting a sleep evaluation.

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