Pieces of a Puzzle

Explores the link between disorganization and impulsivity and unhealthy eating patterns.

by Carolyn Piver Dukarm, M.D.
Advantage Books, $16.95
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Carolyn Dukarm’s Pieces of a Puzzle is a welcome addition to the literature on ADHD. It’s one of the first books to explore the link between disorganization and impulsivity and unhealthy eating patterns — including overeating (a particular problem for women who prepare meals for their families) and an over-reliance on fast food, prepared meals, and high-calorie snacks.

As Patricia Quinn, M.D., points out in the foreword, understanding the link between these two conditions can help individuals with ADHD and eating disorders get on — and stay on — the road to recovery. From there, Dukarm offers advice that will help readers rethink their attitudes toward food, body image, and eating habits. Her step-by-step instructions for creating an ADHD-friendly meal plan include sample menus.

This book belongs in the professional library of all ADHD specialists. It’s also one that any layperson looking for guidelines for healthy eating should turn to.

TAGS: ADHD Diet and Nutrition, ADHD-Friendly Meals, Homework and Test Help

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