What Is Your Money Philosophy?

12 essential questions to ask yourself to get your finances back on track.

ADHD adults and ADHD children can use notebooks to write down notes, to-do lists and more to help them stay organized and get things done.

Are you a spender or a saver? An impulse buyer, or a scrooge when it comes to spending? Develop self-awareness about your budgeting and spending habits by considering these points:

1. What are my long-term financial goals? Why are they important to me?

2. Which financial goals am I now meeting? Which ones are not being met?

3. What specific behaviors must I adopt in order to meet all my financial goals?

4. What are the benefits to my current spending habits? What are the drawbacks?

5. What do I like about gift giving? What do I dislike?

6. What am I most likely to buy on impulse?

7. What makes a purchase worthwhile? What makes a purchase wasteful?

8. What is my definition of “overspending”?

9. How do I differentiate luxury and necessity?

10. What did I learn about money growing up that I now think is true? False?

11. What rationalizations do I use to justify overspending?

12. What would have to happen for me to be able to stick to my budget?

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