Wake Up Happier & Faster: Morning Help for ADD Adults

Strategies -- and gadgets -- for helping ADHD adults get out of bed faster and happier.

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If you're an adult with attention deficit disorder, the last thing you need each morning is more undue stress. So cut down on your anxiety levels and stick to your schedule with help from these ADHD-friendly gadgets and expert strategies.

Are you jarred awake by a blaring alarm clock?
Perhaps you should switch to a clock-radio tuned to an all-music station. If you need a little revving up, select a station that plays lively, upbeat music. If you prefer something calming, you might pick a classical or easy-listening station. Just be sure the volume is set loud enough to awaken you.

Continue listening to the music as you go about your routine...
...or switch off the radio and savor the silence. Stress-inducing traffic reports can wait until after you're out the door.

Plug your bedside lamp into a timer set to go off at the appropriate time...
...and let yourself be awakened by the light. Or invest in a "dawn-simulating" alarm clock, such as the EZ Wake SunRise Clock ($78.95 from Light Therapy Products).

Consider subscribing to a telephone wake-up service...
...such as WakeUpLand (wakeupland.com). For $11 a month, the service will call you each morning at the designated time. A one-time wake-up call costs just $1.95. Few people can sleep through a ringing telephone!

Learn more about high-tech timers that can help you stay on task during your morning routine...

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