Egg-Drop Blues

Twin brothers (one with a learning disability, the other without) must learn to work together if they want to do well in a science project competition.

by Jacqueline Turner Banks
Houghton Mifflin, $4.95; for ages 9–12
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Like ADD, dyslexia affects the whole family.

A child’s siblings make a big difference in how he perceives his limitations, as we are shown by two very different twins in Egg-Drop Blues.

Judge has dyslexia, Jury doesn’t. The brothers are at odds because their mom wants both to change schools, so Judge can get extra learning support. Jury blames his brother for ruining his life, and so Judge negotiates a deal: If he does well in a science project competition, which involves an egg-drop, both can stay put. But they’ll have to work together to win.

TAGS: Children's Books, Learning Disabilities

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