Get Organized Without Losing It

Kid-friendly advice on organization.

"Get Organized Without Losing It" by Janet S. Fox

Use highlighters or colored pencils for different subjects or types of activities in your planner.

by Janet S. Fox
Free Spirit Publishing, $8.95
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I wish I'd found a book like this years ago. Author Janet Fox provides easy-to-follow strategies for organization — strategies that are needed desperately by kids, ages eight to 13, who have ADD.

In her section on using a planner, Fox offers a sample schedule, detailing estimated versus actual time it takes to accomplish something. This helps students avoid the trap of underestimating the amount of time it takes to do a task. Another helpful tip—and one that I discovered in time to get through high school—is to use highlighters or colored pencils for different subjects or types of activities in your planner. Other features include an after-school scheduler, a homework checklist, and advice for getting ready on time for school each day.

I've read lots of ADD books over the years. I have an entire shelf of them. So I was amazed to find that so much useful information could be packed into 100 pages. And how many other books about ADD are illustrated with cute cartoons?

Do yourself a favor—don't procrastinate about getting this one.

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