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Summer Survival Kit for Children With ADHD

As the parent of an ADHD child, does the thought of summer vacation -- the unbridled energy, the change in routine, the lack of structure -- make you nervous? With our guide, help your child get the most out of her or his summer vacation, including new friends and stronger self-confidence.

Structured routines don't have to end when school does. ADDitude readers shared these parent- and kid-friendly activities.

Parenting tips to help make your family's summer travels happy and worry-free.

Part of a multigenerational ADHD family? Learn to combat the stress of multiple ADDers -- all in one place!

As this season of outdoor weather gets into full swing, make sure your child's athletic activities meet her needs and abilities.

Summer Survival Guide

Choosing a Camp
ADDitude's Complete Guide to ADHD Summer Camps
How to match your child to the perfect program.

ADHD Camp Directory
Browse ADDitude's guide to the best summer programs for children, tweens, and teens with special needs.

Making Friends
Summer School for Social Smarts
Programs designed to help your ADHD child practice social skills.

ADHD Playdates Where Everyone's Happy
Five socializing tips to help your child combat the boredom, aggression, and inattention that can plague burgeoning friendships.

Staying Safe
Playground Safety
Stay out of harm's way while engaging in unstructured outdoor play.

"Mom, I Hurt Myself"
Kids with ADHD have more accidents -- unless parents step in.

Staying Healthy
A Natural ADHD Remedy
Heading outdoors and into nature may help reduce symptoms of ADHD.

Healthy ADHD-Friendly Snacks
Nutritious snack tips to keep your child healthy -- and alert.

Staying Sharp
Structure Summer Days for ADHD Children
Our kids do better when they know what to expect -- and what's expected of them. How to create routines -- and prevent subsequent outbursts -- when school lets out.

Boost Academic Skills This Summer
Help your ADHD child retain what she's learned during the school year by reading all summer long.

Having Fun!
The Right Kind of Play to Benefit Our Kids
Your child with ADHD, depression, or anxiety could benefit from these unique games and fun.

Get Along Together
One key to a successful summer? Avoid power struggles. We'll show you how.

Managing Meds
Safe Summertime Medication Vacations
Important considerations for those pondering a "drug holiday" for your ADHD child.

ADHD Medication or Natural Treatment?
Is natural therapy or prescription ADHD medication better for your child?


ADHD Summer Toolkit

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Choosing a Special-Needs Camp
Criteria for choosing a camp that will suit your child with ADHD or learning differences.

Sample Schedule for ADHD Children
Customize this hour-by-hour routine for your ADHD child -- and make your summer less stressful.

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