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Conquer Your Adult ADD/ADHD in the New Year!

An online guide to help ADD/ADHD adults keep their New Year's Resolutions -- time-management, relationship, career, and treatment advice.

Expert advice for ADD/ADHD adults who want to start a new year on the right foot.

New Year, New You

A step-by-step plan to help ADHD adults make important - and lasting - changes in their lifestyle to better manage attention deficit with and without medication. More >>

PLUS: Overcome ADHD Challenges and Achieve Your Dreams!

Adult ADHD: Challenge or Opportunity?

ADDitude Essentials

Adult ADHD Diet and Exercise
Best Exercise Tips for ADHD Adults
Follow through on fitness goals with these strategies tailored for you.

How to Battle the Bulge -- and Win!
One ADHD adult passes on his successful strategies for losing those extra pounds.

Adult ADHD Money Management
Manage Your Money
ADHD-friendly ways to track expenses and build your nest egg.

Countdown to Tax Season
Get a head start on personal filing with just months left until tax time.

ADHD Nutrition
Meals Made Easy
Effective meal planning requires streamlined shopping and preparing ahead of time.

Beef Up Breakfast
You can start making more nutritional meals for kids right away.

Get Organized With Adult ADD
Conquer Clutter Forever
33 top tips to clean up your act.

ADHD Moms & Organizing
Setting up these practical systems is key when both mom and child have ADD.

Battle Depression and Anxiety
Laugh It Up
Keep a humorous perspective, no matter how life unfolds this year.

Build Better Moods
Enjoy life -- and yourself -- while working on your resolutions.

Continuing Education With Adult ADHD
Going Back to School
Ensure your family's needs are met while you go back to school with adult ADD.

When ADHD Moms Matriculate
Four key strategies for assembling the team you'll need to succeed at school and at home.

Free Printables for ADHD Adults!

Adult ADD: Diagnosis Information
Follow these six tips before seeking an ADHD diagnosis.

6 Ways to Stay Focused
Strategies to help you pay attention to important details with adult ADD.

Bring Your Bills Under Control
Set up this simple bill-paying system to help organize your life with ADD.

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More Adult ADHD Resources

Beware the New Year's Resolution
Don't make resolutions that focus on your failures.

Everyday is New Year's Day for ADHD Adults
Forego New Year's resolutions and reflect on what you've learned in the past year.

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