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ADHD Holiday Guide

Holiday Organizing, Entertaining and Shopping Tips for Adults & Children with ADD ADHD

ADD Holiday Success Plan

A holiday checklist to help adults with ADD manage family traditions, special recipes, gift giving and packed seasonal calendars. More...

ADDitude Essentials

Sticking To Your Holiday Budget
How to curb overspending and impulsive buys.

Seasonal To-Do Lists
Three essential master lists to smooth out your holidays.

Keeping the Yuletide Peace
How to help children with ADHD maintain good behavior during holiday gatherings.

The 'Peanut Butter' Fix for Thoughtless Relatives
Expert tips to transform dreaded family gatherings into lots of fun.

Countdown Calendar for Holiday Party Hosts
A goof-proof guide to entertaining.

House Rules for the Holidays
Defining seasonal ground rules for children with ADHD -- and guests.

Stress-Free Travel Tips
Make vacations more fun by devising a detailed packing list for each family member.

ADD-Friendly Travel Planning
Eliminate the stress and worry from your next family vacation.

Battling Holiday Depression
How to beat the blues this season.

How to Battle the Bulge - and Win
How weight, diet and exercise impact your symptoms and treatment of ADHD.

Free ADD Holiday Printables

Organize Your Home for the Holidays
Tips for adults with ADD: How to de-clutter, decorate & entertain this holiday season without stress.
Holiday Prioritizing
A system for ensuring that each member of the family enjoys a very happy holiday season.
Master Packing List
Overwhelmed by packing your holiday luggage? Use this thorough checklist.

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ADD Holiday Resources

Mailing Cards on Time
"Every year, I struggle to mail Christmas cards on time. What can I do?" (Read the answer...)
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Winter Blues
"Does any body else have problems with their ADHD children in the winter time?"
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The Holiday Husband
"As if the food, family, and festivities aren't enough for a sensory overload, adding the tedious tasks of holiday planning — such as shopping — can send my husband into a tailspin."
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What is your biggest challenge of the holiday season?
Buying and wrapping gifts on time
Mailing the holiday cards
Managing family gatherings
Stressing over trying to please everyone
Getting the house ready

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