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ADHD College Survival Guide: Tips and Resources for ADD/ADHD and LD Students

The constant assignments, anonymous lecture halls, and daily independence of college can prove challenging for
students with ADD/ADHD. Use this guide to get organized, study smarter, and put in place the school accommodations you need to succeed.

Four ways for your ADHD teen to dramatically increase her odds of getting into college, thanks to a well-organized, well-executed application.

Parents: Is College Right for Your Teen?

Consider these productive alternatives to a four-year college for your teenager with ADD/ADHD.

Teens: Are You Ready to Leave Home?
Attending college after graduating from high school is increasingly seen as a given, but sometimes it makes sense to delay that next step. Do you know what's best for you?


Before ADHD Teens Leave Home

Find an ADHD-Friendly College
Signs that a school will accommodate your unique learning needs.

Prepare for Freshman Year
How to stay organized and focused in a new unstructured environment.

Get Organized
Organization Help for ADD/ADHD College Students
10 tips for managing classes, studies, and work in college.

Stop Procrastinating!
Simple strategies for starting (and finishing) projects and homework.

Study Smarter
Ace Every Exam!
Strategies to help ADD students pass every multiple-choice and essay test they take.

Make Your Own Accommodations
Trouble securing necessary academic accommodations? Tips on how to be your own advocate -- in and beyond the classroom.

Stay Healthy
Avoid Impulsive Eating
ADHD-specific tips for avoiding compulsive and impulsive eating.

Reduce Anxiety Naturally
6 tips for treating anxiety without medication.

Foster Relationships
Social Skills 101
Simple strategies for making new friends, cultivating friendships, and improving social skills.

Dating, ADD Style
Relationship tools to help ADHD teens and adults avoid dating disasters and find love.

Find Work!
Match Your Skills to Your Career
Consider ADHD-friendly careers to make the most of your skills and talents.

Which Career Is for You?
Learn to evaluate your strengths, as well as your passions and interests, to find the best career path.

ADHD College Tool Kit

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Checklist: College Survival Guide for ADD/ADHD and LD Students

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