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ADHD/LD Camp Guide

It's that time of year again -- time to decide which summer camp your child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) will attend. Learn how specialized camps can benefit your child, and search the camp programs listed in our ADHD Summer Camp Directory. Happy camping!

Making Friends at ADHD Summer Camp

Did you know the bonds made during just one summer camp experience can help sharpen the social skills of children with attention deficit?

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Getting Started

ADD Camps
Your Complete Guide to ADHD Summer Camps
Your first step: Learn about the best of the best camps.

Finding the Best Camp
Strategies to ensure your child is a happy camper.

Q&A: Easing the Transition
A camp counselor with 20 years experience tells all.

Academic Programs
How to Pick the Right Program
What to consider if your child needs additional academic or behavioral support.

Promoting Growth
Three programs that offer fun, friends, and learning.

Options for Teens
College-prep programs geared for high schoolers.

For Safe, Healthy Kids
Time for a Medicine Break?
For parents considering a "medication vacation" for their ADHD kids this summer.

The ADHD Diet
Poor eating habits don't cause ADHD, but the wrong foods could make symptoms worse!

Protecting Kids from Accidents
Dr. Larry Silver on how to keep your children safe.

Camp Not for You?
Boost Social Smarts This Summer
Everyday gatherings can help your child practice social skills.

Last Child in the Woods
How parents can relieve kids’ symptoms, right in their own backyards.

Dozens More Summer Activities
Head to ADDitude's summer guide for more ideas to pass the lazy days of summer -- while managing ADHD.

Essential Checklists for Parents

How to Choose a Camp
Pick a camp tailored to your ADD/LD child's needs.

7 Tips for an A+ Summer
Guarantee your child has a successful experience at camp.

Get Ready for Sleepaway Camp
Is your young ADDer ready for an overnight stay?


More Summer Camp Strategies

Making and Keeping Friends
Connect with other parents of ADHD children to see how they help their children build better friendship bonds.

Share Your Summer Camp Reviews

Programs for Tweens
"This camp we found claims to focus on: study skills, organizational skills, and social skills -- everything our son needs to work on! It sounds too good to be true. Has anybody had any past experiences with it?"

Programs for Teens
"Our teen was pretty good at school, but she really had a hard time concentrating on studying and had major test anxiety. We sent her to a camp and not only did she come back with fun study skills, but she..."

Summer Treatment Program
"Has anyone had any experience with summer treatment programs for ADD? We are considering..."
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Saving Our Lost Boy
"The decision to send our troubled teen to a therapeutic wilderness camp was heart-wrenching. Were we doing the right thing?"
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