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Make This School Year the Best One Ever for Your ADHD Child

Back-to-School Checklist

8 to-do items for ADHD students to ensure a stress-free start of the school year. More >>

Back-to-School Handbook

Secure Academic Accommodations
Individualized Education Plan Failures ... and Fixes!
What to do when your child's IEP isn't being followed.

50+ ADHD Accommodations That Work
Specific academic accommodations and how they can benefit your child with ADHD or learning disabilities.

ADHD Accommodations: Working with Teachers
Four strategies for forming a good relationship with your child's teacher.

Get Organized
20+ Organization Skills for Students
How teachers and parents can teach organization skills students need to succeed in school.

After-School Organization Plan
Tips to help your ADHD student learn to schedule, organize, and prioritize daily homework assignments.

Stop Losing Books and Papers!
10 ways to become better organized in the classroom and at home.

Study Smarter
Distracted While Studying?
6 tips to fight distractions and focus on homework.

Ace Every Exam!
How to prepare wisely for and ace all of your multiple-choice, math, and essay tests at school.

ADHD Homework Help!
Done with the nightly homework battles? Help your ADHD child finish homework -- and learn to work independently.

Shine in the Classroom
Control Those Impulses!
Impulse-controlling techniques to help ADHD children manage their behavior.

Not Paying Attention?
How ADHD students can improve listening skills and stay focused on their work.

Help ADHD Children to Stop Fidgeting!
Help your special-needs child sit still and concentrate at school and at home.

Reading, Writing, and Math
Educational Reading Software
6 programs and websites to help reading comprehension in children with ADHD or learning disabilities.

Memory Tricks for ADHD Students
6 strategies for retaining information learned in the classroom.

Writing Help for ADHD and LD Children
18 writing tricks for students struggling with essays and papers in school.

ADHD Social Skills
Help Your ADHD Child Make Friends
6 easy ways to help your ADHD child meet other children and build lasting relationships.

Is Your Child Safe Online?
Cyberbullies can be cruel -- and hard to combat.

Social Skills 101
Parenting strategies to help your ADHD child build stronger social skills.

ADHD School Toolkit

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"The School Is Refusing to Help Us!"
"Will hiring an education advocate help achieve my child's educational goals?"

"ADHD in Kindergarten"
"My son, who has ADHD, anxiety, and sensory problems, starts kindergarten this fall. What accommodations should I consider?"

"Considering Switching Schools?"
"How do you know when it’s time for your child to switch schools? How do you choose the best school?"

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Is Your Child's Behavior Punished at School?
How do you work with teachers and school administrators if your ADHD child is labeled the "behavior problem" student?

Lunch Hour Is the Most Terrifying Hour of the Day
For ADHD teens in middle and high school, social anxiety can make lunch hour a battleground.

Beat the Back-to-School Blues
How parents and teachers can help ADHD and LD students adjust to school again after vacation.

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When the School Resists Accommodation Requests
"The school refuses to provide academic accommodations for my son, and he is failing several courses. What can I do?" (Read the answer.)

My ADHD Child Just Wants to Be Accepted
"My ADHD child is very sensitive and craves to be part of a group at school, but the other kids tend to reject him." (Read the answer.)

Child Aggression at School
"I'm told that my 5-year-old son is aggressive at school. What should I do?" (Read the answer.)

More ADHD Expert Answers

High School Success!
How one ADHD high school student made it to the head of the class.

An ADHD Special Ed Teacher's Best Advice
How one educator helps students with ADHD while inspiring their parents.

My Battle With ADD
One young man's story of learning to focus and overcoming his ADD symptoms.

More ADHD Life Stories

On Your Own
A guide for students starting college classes, living on campus, and juggling homework and finals.

ADHD & Me: What I Learned From Lighting Fires at the Dinner Table
A memoir about surviving childhood and school with ADHD.

The Organized Student
Practical fixes for your child's everyday organizational problems.

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