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You Know Your Child Has ADHD When...

Which of your child's (ADD/ADHD) symptoms or quirks is one you can't live with and couldn't live without?

ADHD and Distractions at Home

ADDitude wants to know what are your biggest distractions at home?
Internet and e-mail.
TV and phone.
Noisy kids and spouse.
Too much silence.
Your own worries and fears.

New Health Care Plans and ADD/ADHD

How do you feel about the passage of health care in terms of treating and paying for the cost of your or your child's attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD)?
I am happy. I, or someone I know, will benefit from it.
I am happy. I hope it will benefit many Americans.
I don't think it will do enough to help the mental health community.
I think it goes too far. Government is too big as it is.
I feel conflicted. I'm worried about the strain it will put on the federal budget.

Tell us your thoughts about the new health care laws:

Best and Worst Jobs for ADHD Adults

Tell us about your best job experiences (and what role you think ADD/ADHD played):

Tell us about your worst job experiences (and what role you think ADD/ADHD played):

ADDitude wants to know which workplace environments are the best for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) adults.
A creative industry, like the arts.
Working with people. I need human interaction.
Any job where I can be my own boss.
I like the structure of an office environment.
Freelancing, because of the flexibility it gives me.

ADDitude wants to know which workplace environments are the worst for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADD/ADHD) adults.
Any career that relies heavily on strong reading, writing, or speaking skills.
One that requires me to stick to strict deadlines and consistent schedules.
Are numbers inolved? If it involves math, count me out!
If e-mailing and paperwork are heavy components, I get overwhelmed.
An office, or other job that keeps me isolated is the worst.
Please, don't give me repetitive, mindless work!

IEPs at School

Tell us how easy or hard it has been to get an IEP in place, and enforced, for your child:
My child's school is really great to work with!
It has required effort, but we have an IEP that works for us.
We are not pleased with our child's IEP.
The school denied our child an IEP.

How easy or hard does the school make it to track your child's progress?
My child's school is really great to work with!
It requires effort, but we are able to track our child's progress.
The school makes it nearly impossible to track our child's progress.
It's impossible to track our child's progress.

What has the school done to help you create an IEP?

What do you wish you had know about creating IEPs?

Complete this sentence: The most frustrating part of securing accommodations for my ADHD child is/was...

Organization and ADHD

What's the most difficult thing to keep organized?
Paperwork, including mail and bills
Kitchen utensils and cabinets
Your child's toys
Your spouse's closet and bureau
All of the above

ADHD Children

If you could somehow reverse your child's attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) diagnosis, without medical consequences, would you?
Yes. It would make my child's life easier.
Yes. It would make my life easier.
Yes, but only to save money on treatment.
Yes, because I'm worried about medicating someone so young.
It depends on how my child would be affected.
No. ADHD is a part of who my child is.
No. The choice isn't a parent's to make.
No. There's nothing wrong with having ADHD.

November 2009

What strategies have helped your child complete her homework assignments?
A designated homework station and time
Regular, short breaks
An assignment book checked by the teacher each afternoon
More hands-on help from mom or dad
A rewards system for completed assignments
An extra dose of ADHD medication in the afternoon

August 2009

Adults, what prompted you to seek a diagnosis?
My child was diagnosed
My spouse suggested that I get evaluated
Another family member or close friend wondered whether I had ADD
I read an article about ADD online or in a magazine
My doctor recognized symptoms

April 2009

Does sugar make your child's ADHD symptoms worse?
Not sure

February 2009

Which of the following is your biggest organizational challenge?
Keeping my finances in order
Ridding my house of paper clutter
Filing my office papers and emails
Clearing the house of toys, clothes, and kid clutter

January 2009

Which of the following helps your restless sleeper go to bed at night?
Sticking to a strict wind-down routine every evening
A completely dark room
A reassuring nightlight, or leaving the door cracked open
Soothing music or white noise
A warm mug of milk or bedtime snack
A sleep aid, such as melatonin or Benedryl
Our doctor recommended trying a nighttime dose of his ADHD medication, and that works

Just Diagnosed

What was your primary emotion upon learning that you or your child has ADD?
Relief - finally answers to what's been puzzling
Optimism - pursuing treatment will change my life
Shame - it's uncomfortable for me to tell others about this diagnosis
Regret - if only we'd known sooner, how different life might have been
Sadness - what I thought was unique about me turns out to be a "disorder"

ADDers are noted for their positive attributes. Which of these traits best describes you or your child?
Creativity and ingenuity
High energy level and persistence
Global thinking - ability to see the big picture
Optimism - belief that anything is possible
Compassion and empathy

Which reaction to an ADD/ADHD diagnosis do you find most irritating or hurtful?
The Skeptic: "ADD is just an excuse for bad parenting."
The Crusader: "Ritalin is kiddie cocaine. I would never give meds to my child."
The Joker: "I wish I had ADD. At least then I'd have an excuse for my behavior."
The Ostrich: "There's nothing wrong with that child that a good spanking won't solve."
The Voice of Doom: "People who have ADD never amount to anything."

Read more: Smart responses to nasty naysayers

Treating ADD

The best treatment for ADD varies by person. What course of treatment are you pursuing at the moment?
Changing behavior and habits
Diet and exercise
Biofeedback or other alternative therapies
More than one of the above

Parenting ADD/LD Kids

What steps are you taking to make this a successful summer for your child?
Educational support
Planning lots of structured activities
Identified a suitable camp
Talking to the doctor about a medication vacation
We're planning lots of free time for our kid to just be a kid

School & Learning

What's your main strategy to ensure your child does well in the second half of the school year?
Meet with the teacher to review classroom accommodations
Enforce rules on studying, and work with him more at home
Buy gadgets to get her organized
Hire a tutor or ADD coach
Look into tweaking or adding a medication dose

Which of these accommodations has made a difference for your child at school?
Extra time to complete in-class assignments and tests
A seat in the front row
Daily or weekly communication with the teacher
An extra set of books or materials
A laptop or other technological aid

Adult ADD/LD

What strategy for making a new start has worked best for you in previous years?
Joining an online listserv for support
Hiring an ADHD coach
Changing my medication
Trying alternative therapies
Enlisting the support of my family
Making a career shift

As an adult with ADD, what aspect of your life is most negatively affected by the disorder?
Romantic relationships
Effectiveness on the job
Managing the household
Consistent parenting

We all know ADD can decrease job productivity. Which strategy here helped to smooth your workday?
I've disclosed my diagnosis and am receiving ADA accommodations
I've reorganized my workspace, and use accommodations (a recorder, a watch) on my own
I'm working with a coach, who keeps me on track each day
I've learned to set daily goals, and use a planner or to-do list
I'm delegating paperwork and other tasks I struggle with
I've found a job that meshes with my strengths and personality