New Guidelines for Treating ADHD at College

A team of physicians is developing guidelines to treat ADHD in college campuses across the U.S.

Friday January 22nd - 10:15am

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ADD / ADHD college student studying for school success in the university library. ADDitude Magazine

A team of physicians is working to develop guidelines for treating ADHD at college in response to the current lack of guidelines for treating adolescents and young adults of college age.

College campuses vary widely when it comes to diagnosing and treating ADHD among students. In a survey of 124 campus health centers from across the country about how staff members diagnose and treat ADHD, preliminary findings discovered that about a third of these health centers do not offer prescription treatment for ADHD.

In addition to developing guidelines for treating ADHD with medication, the team is working to include in the guidelines other methods of support for students with ADHD, which include podcasts produced by students with ADHD to offer peer-to-peer ADHD support.

Read more about the study at The Medical News

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