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Court Rules ADHD Student Entitled to Private Ed

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of children who use special-education services this week.

The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that parents of special-education students may seek government reimbursement for private school tuition, even if they have never received special-education services in public school. The decision could help disabled students obtain needed services.

The case involved an Oregon high school student whose parents removed him from public school and enrolled him in a residential school. The student had been struggling at school, but was not eligible for special services. After he enrolled in the private school, he was diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and other disabilities.

The court ruled that the school district must provide reimbursement for the cost of private special education services when the district fails to provide a free and appropriate public education and the private school placement is appropriate, regardless of whether the child previously received special education or related services through the public school.

Read more about the decision.

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Source: Court Rules ADHD Student Entitled to Private Ed