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Fidgeting Helps ADHD Kids Focus

New study proves moving around boosts brain function.

Thursday May 28th - 1:31pm

Hyperactive children are unable to inhibit the impulse to move around. ADDitude Magazine

Fidgeting helps children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) focus, according to a study from the University of Central Florida.

The study followed 23 preteen boys (12 with ADHD and 11 without) as they tackled memory tasks, such as recalling a series of numbers. The boys with ADHD fidgeted--by swiveling in their chairs, and tapping their hands and feet--more than the other boys as they concentrated.

The study authors found that fidgeting helped the ADHD boys focus on the task at hand. Lead author Mark Rapport says that ADHD children are "under-aroused"--that their brains do not produce enough dopamine to keep them alert during normal day-to-day activities--so the kids move around to jiggle or wake their brains and bodies up.

Read more about the study.

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