ADHD Treatment 101: Medication, Side Effects, Non-Drug Therapies, and More

New ADDitude eBook explains how ADHD children and adults can treat attention deficit symptoms with medication and non-drug therapies that minimize side effects.

Wednesday May 20th - 10:44am

ADDitude's ADHD Treatment eBook

Adderall. Concerta. Daytrana. Metabdate. Ritalin. Straterra. Vyvanse.

This list of popular medications used to treat symptoms of attention deficit disorder (ADHD) goes on and on. Not to mention the myriad options for non-drug treatments including fish oil, neurofeedback, and behavior therapy. The good news is that ADHD children and adults have no shortage of treatment options. The bad news is that making an informed choice can be overwhelming.

That is why ADDitude magazine has recently published a new expert eBook all about today’s ADHD treatment options. Top ADHD specialists and treatment experts contributed to ADDitude’s 60-page ADHD Treatment eBook, which contains information about:

  • Ensuring an accurate ADHD diagnosis
  • Devising an effective treatment plan
  • Understanding the benefits and drawbacks of popular ADHD medications for children and adults
  • Managing side effects like sleeplessness, lack of appetite, tics, etc.
  • Researching alternative treatment options like fish oil, neurofeedback, behavior therapy, and more

The ADHD Treatment eBook, which is available for immediate download, contains seven chapters, each full of expert tips for helping you better navigate the ADHD treatment process. ?Included are:

Chapter 1: How Professionals Diagnose ADHD / Understanding Your Treatment Options ?
A step-by-step guide to understanding ADHD symptoms and how professionals diagnose attention deficit disorder.

Chapter 2: Types of ADHD Medications ?
How ADHD medications work, the benefits they offer, and advice for managing them safely.

Chapter 3: ADHD Medication Strategies
?Strategies for deriving the greatest benefit from stimulant medication at home and at school.

Chapter 4: Managing Side Effects ?
Common side effects associated with ADHD meds and how to counteract them.

Chapter 5: Alternative ADHD Treatments ?
Five popular non-drug treatments that may help manage ADHD symptoms in you or your child.

Chapter 6: Behavior Therapies
?Why and how behavior therapy can improve attitude, focus, and organization.

Chapter 7: Working with an ADHD Coach ?
How to choose and work productively with an ADHD coach.

PLUS: More ADDitude Resources for Treating ADHD ?

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