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Virtual ADHD Family Summit

Online conference to help families struggling with ADHD.

ADHD coach Rory F. Stern is hosting a virtual learning series focused on supporting individuals and families struggling with ADHD. The online event will feature informal interviews with ADHD experts, including: Theresa Cerulli, M.D.; David Giwerc, MCC / ADD Coach Academy; Keath Low, MA; Robert Myers, Ph.D.; Kenny Handelman, M.D.

Each session will last approximately 60-minutes, and will run as a conversational dialogue between Stern and the featured guest.

"It is my firm belief and experience that despite the wealth of information, and quality of resources currently available, ADHD continues to be greatly misunderstood. Further, with technology now allowing a platform for almost anyone to share information today, there is even more unreliable information circulating around the world on ADHD," says Stern. The date for the event is not yet confirmed, but it will occur sometime between the last week of April to mid-May. Registration is free at

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