Dyscalculia Equals Dyslexia with Math

Ever wondered why some people are so bad at math? It could be dyscalculia, a learning disorder related to dyslexia.

Wednesday January 28th - 10:48am

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Ever have trouble performing basic additions? Do you dread having to figure out the tip on a check or decipher a receipt? Maybe it isn’t poor math skills

-- it could be Dyscalculia, Dyslexia for numbers. Dyscalculia, like dyslexia, is a learning disability that affects approximately 5 percent of the population.

People with dyscalculia tend to be intelligent and articulate, yet they are unable to see the connection between a set of objects and the exact number symbol that represents it. This newly defined disability could come as a huge relief to all those who considered themselves stupid because they struggle with numbers. Researchers working to better understand the learning disability hope to develop teaching methods that help kids with dyscalculia get a better grasp of mathematical concepts.

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