Study Shows Ritalin May Improve ADHD Moms’ Parenting Skills

New research examines the effects of Ritalin on helping ADHD mothers improve their parenting skills.

Tuesday January 27th - 4:38pm

Recognizing and treating the symptoms of ADD ADHD in women.

Mothers of ADHD children are 24 times more at risk of having attention deficit disorder themselves. A study from the University of Maryland recently examined whether medicating the ADHD mom would improve her parenting skills, and discovered that OROS methylphenidate (more popularly known as Ritalin ) does help mothers improve their focus and attention.

Ritalin isn’t used to treat bad parenting. Instead, the intent is to treat the symptoms of ADHD, such as hyperactivity, inattentiveness and impulsiveness. The study aims to show that if the ADHD is properly treated with medication and behavior interventions mothers are better able to focus on being more patient, calm and consistent parents.

Read more about this study of ADHD Mother's parenting skills here: 482865.

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