A Green Treatment for ADHD

A recent study shows that nature may be a viable treatment for attention deficit disorder in children.

Tuesday January 13th - 4:55pm

Evidence is building that nature has a positive effect on children suffering from attention deficit disorder. A recent study featured in the journal Environment and Behaviour showed that children who spent more time in a natural setting were more able to focus and concentrate.

Data has indicated that for each hour of television watched the likelihood that a child develops ADHD increases 10 percent. However, this study suggests that exposure to outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, or just running around in the woods is an effective natural treatment for the symptoms associated with ADHD.

The same theory is supported in book Last Child in the Woods -- Saving Our Children from Nature Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv. Louv claims that the rapid urbanization of the last century and a general disconnect with nature have put ADHD in the spotlight as a disorder that requires medical treatment with drugs.

Read more about the positive effects of nature on attention deficit disorder in The Times & Transcript.

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