ADHD Drugs Skewered in New Documentary

A new independent film titled "Generation RX" shines a critical light on the use of ADHD medications like Ritalin to treat children with attention deficit.

Monday December 22nd - 12:08pm

McDonald's was targeted in "SuperSize Me." Medical insurance companies took a bullet in "Sicko." And now the pharmaceutical industry is coming under fire in a new independent documentary by award-winning filmmaker Kevin P. Miller.

The controversial "Generation RX" aims to prove - through expert interviews and family testimonials - that today's children are over-medicated. And Miller concentrates a sizable chunk of his film to examining the use of Ritalin to treat children diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in America.

Why, he asks, does America consume 90 percent of all the Ritalin produced in the world? And why has consumption increased 700 percent in recent years?

Learn more about Generation RX, watch the extended trailer or buy the DVD.

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