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Survey Shows Effect of ADD on Adults at Home and Work

ADHD significantly impacts focus on the job and responsibilities at home, according to a new survey.

Tuesday September 23rd - 11:08am

You're not alone in your frustration: Most adults with attention deficit disorder (ADD ADHD) say that having the condition significantly impacts their ability to focus at work, as well as their responsibilities at home and their relationships, according to a survey sponsored by McNeil Pediatrics, a division of Ortho-McNeil-Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. The nationwide survey included more than 1,000 adults diagnosed with the condition.

Survey results:
Most adults with ADHD say that the condition affects multiple areas of their lives, including:
• Their responsibilities at home (65 percent)
• Their relationships with family and friends (57 percent)
• Their ability to succeed at work (56 percent of those employed)

50 percent worry ADHD symptoms affect opportunities for promotion, and 65 percent feel they have to work harder than their co-workers.

75 percent said their symptoms strongly affect their ability to stay on task at work.

51 percent would like to be able to finish projects and tasks and get their household more organized.

36 percent feel their ADHD symptoms are not under control, and 58 percent are not satisfied with their ability to handle stress.

Participants use a variety of techniques to help manage their symptoms:
• Taking prescription medication (82 percent)
• Listening to music (75 percent)
• Using a planner or organizer (71 percent)
• Exercising (69 percent)

Read more about the results of the survey.

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