A Fresh Look at the Role of Technology in ADHD Treatment

A new survey touts the therapeutic effects of video games, and a pharmaceutical giant reaches out through a social-networking site.

Wednesday July 16th - 2:11pm

Technology's role in the treatment of ADHD was made larger this week through two separate announcements.

PopCap Games, makers of "casual" video and computer games, released a survey of 13,296 game players, of whom, about 220 were children diagnosed with ADHD.

They found that, according to the children and their caretakers, such casual games helped increase attention span, improve focus, relieve stress, and strengthen memory. Some experts believe that the control children have when playing a game can help build self-confidence as well.

Also this week, pharmaceutical company Ortho-McNeill, makers of Concerta, started a group called ADHD Moms on the social-networking site Facebook. The group does not advertise the company's medication, but, in the interest of full disclosure, does have a corporate ad for the company.

McNeill hopes that by moderating the group, they can help mothers find and share information on ADHD. While they are not actively participating in conversations at this point, waiting for the FDA to provide guidelines for this type of activity, the creation of the group is a big step towards two-way dialogue between consumers and pharmaceutical companies.

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