Study Assesses Cost of Raising a Special Needs Child

Out of pocket costs for parents vary by state, researchers find.

Thursday July 10th - 5:43pm

Filed Under: ADHD and Money

Nationwide, 91.2 percent of families with special needs children have additional expenses when compared to families who do not have children with special needs. The extra costs stem, in large part, from therapy, medication, and other treatment necessary for these children.

A study published in the newest issue of Pediatrics, led by Dr. Paul Shattuck from Washington University in St. Louis, has found that expenses differ between states, even for families whose children have similar needs and who share similar socioeconomic backgrounds.

An interesting finding of Shattuck's study is that out-of-pocket costs were often lower in wealthier states, and a smaller percentage of parents of children with special needs had an extra financial burden at all in those states.

The study suggests that public programs need to be reevaluated in an effort to provide support in poorer states and to lower income families, where it is needed most.

See the full list of costs by state and find out where your state ranks.

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