May 2008

Untreated ADHD and a Productivity Gap on the Job

Workers with ADHD lose almost a month in productivity each year, according to a new study.

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AAP and AHA Clarify Statement Recommending Heart Screenings for ADHD Kids

A joint advisory of the AAP and AHA has added explanatory statements to the AHA Scientific Statement recommending heart screenings for all ADHD children treated with medication.

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Adult ADHD Affects Course of Comorbid Bipolar Disorder

A new study suggests that comorbid ADHD can negatively affect the social adjustment of adult with Bipolar Disorder.

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ADHD Medication Update

Useful new research findings released for several different ADHD medications.

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Increased Risk of ADHD and ODD in Adopted Teens

A recent study has found that adolescents adopted as infants or toddlers have a slightly higher chance of receiving an ADHD or ODD diagnosis.

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Vyvanse Approved for Adult Use

FDA approves Vyvanse for use in adults.

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