February 2008

Ritalin May Help Working Memory in Kids with ADHD

A study looking at the effects of Ritalin on working memory, found improvements in both manipulation and storage of information.

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Fatty Acid Differences in ADHD NOT due to Intake, Study Suggests

A study of adolescents with ADHD found the same abnormalities in fatty acid levels as those found in young children with the disorder, but also suggested that this is not due to intake differences.

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Diet Change May Reduce ADHD Symptoms

A dairy-free diet may help protein imbalances that could cause ADHD and other disorders, a study of Norwegian children suggests.

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Modafinil Leads to Significant Improvement in Some Subtypes of ADHD

New research provides evidence that Modafinil can greatly improve symptoms in children with inattentive or combined type ADHD.

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NCLB May Help Students with Disabilities

A recent report indicates that students with disabilities are doing better in school than in prior years, but it is difficult to link this directly to the No Child Left Behind Act.

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