Japanese Government Creates System to Provide Psychological Treatment for Children

The government of Japan has instituted a progressive plan to provide support for children who need psychological treatment throughout that country.

Tuesday January 15th - 10:48am

The Japanese Health, Labor, and Welfare Ministry has announced that a national system for providing psychological treatment for children will be established in April. The system will include a network of hospitals, with one located in every district, that will have specialist clinics and wards. These specialized clinics will provide help for children with ADHD and other developmental disabilities, as well as psychological difficulties stemming from abuse, maltreatment, and bullying.

The hospitals will work with police and public health centers, and will initially begin with medical centers already recognized as progressive in treating children with psychological problems. They will also be responsible for hosting courses and seminars to educate medical personnel.

The government approved this new system in response to the call from medical experts to provide mental health care to children and to diagnose and treat childhood disorders as early as possible. The framework they have created is quite innovative, and its success will be monitored by other countries, especially those with universal healthcare systems, who also see the increasing need to provide care for these children.

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