Primary Care Doctors Agree on Appropriate ADHD Care

A survey of primary care providers has highlighted the practices most doctors see as appropriate, as well as the challenges they face in implementing them.

Wednesday January 2nd - 11:49am

A survey of primary care providers has found that most of these physicians agree on appropriate practices in the management of ADHD. These practices, including factors like assessing ADHD, providing mental health care, and recommending and monitoring approved medications, were rated as highly appropriate domains of care in the survey.

Feasibility in actual practice, however, was rated as a problem for most physicians. While most primary care providers had feasibility issues in all domains questioned on the survey, these challenges were especially daunting in providing mental health care and, in urban settings, in assessing ADHD.

The results of this survey show the importance of additional training for primary care physicians as well as resources that encourage school-physician communication and cooperation with mental health agencies.

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