Pycnogenol Could Diminish ADHD Symptoms

The maritime pine bark ingredient, Pycnogenol, has been shown to lower symptoms of ADHD.

Tuesday November 6th - 1:15pm

The French maritime pine bark ingredient, Pycnogenol has been found to balance stress hormones, which could possibly diminish the symptoms of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

This soon-to-be published study in an upcoming issue of Nutritional Neuroscience showed Pycnogenol lowered adrenaline by 26.2 percent and the neurostimulant dopamine by 10.8 percent. Both affect processes and actions such as learning, cognition, attention, and behavior.

Pycnogenol was used in a study sample of 57 ADHD patients The study sampled 57 ADHD outpatients at an average age of 9.5 years, at the Department of Child Psychology in Slovakia's Children's University Hospital. Researchers measured the children's urine and blood samples.

Forty-one patients received branded Pycnogenol and 16 received a placebo. The participants were not given any other drugs or dietary supplements. The Pycnogenol group received one mg of the pine bark substance or placebo for every kilogram of their body weight, on a daily basis each morning, for one month. After the discontinuation of the treatment ADHD symptoms increased again.

To read more about this study, visit Horphag Research.

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