White Noise Has Positive Effect for ADDers

Moderate levels of noise can improve cognitive performance in ADHD.

Wednesday September 5th - 1:00pm

Filed Under: ADHD Causes

The results of a new study show that noise is beneficial for optimal cognitive performance in ADHD, through a phenomenon known as stochastic resonance (SR).

Researchers had participants engage in a series of memory and verbal tasks, both with and without auditory white noise. They found the noise had a positive effect on cognitive performance for the ADHD group and reduced performance for the control group.

Noise has been typically regarded as a hindrance to cognitive performance, but researchers say a moderate level of noise in the environment induces the neutransmitter systems in such a way that stimulate dopamine levels. Children and adults with ADHD have lower dopamine levels than non-ADDers, and so they may require more noise to aid cognitive thinking.

The findings of the study, conducted by psychologists at New York University and Sweden's Stockholm University and Lund University Cognitive Science are detailed in the August 2007 issue of Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Allied Discipline.

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