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Articles from our archives that touch on the subjects of marriage and relationships.

Thursday April 1st - 2:54pm

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We?'re pleased to begin featuring a regular column by Dr. Edward M. Hallowell in every issue of ADDitude magazine. Ned is a child and adult psychiatrist and a leading expert on AD/HD. His column, Life with AD/HD, will address issues that people with AD/HD;and those who live with them;face on a daily basis. For his inaugural column, Ned wrote about learning to forgive a spouse or partner with ADD, addressing the topic of his latest book, Dare to Forgive. In this issue of the ADDitude e-newsletter we bring you that column, from the magazine, along with articles from our archives that touch on the subjects of marriage and relationships.

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Recommended Reading

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Married to It: When Your Spouse Has ADD by Edward M. Hallowell, M.D.

Hallowell gently warns spouses of ADD husbands or wives that they may have to forgive more than the average share of foibles, and reminds us all that forgiveness is not license to repeat the same mistake over and over again.

A Word to the Wives

The same qualities (active, spontaneous, fun, and outgoing) that may draw women to date men with ADD can become stumbling blocks to the relationship when it comes to running a household and building a life?Äîbut they needn?Äôt be. With acceptance, compromise, and clear communication, ADD couples can find their own way of working.

Relationship Work

Bob Seay notes the disconnect between the burgeoning methods of communication (e-mail, cell phones, messaging) and the increasing "cult of self-sufficiency" that renders us more isolated than ever. From his contemplative introduction, he moves on to offer very practical suggestions that can help all of us enrich the relationships in our lives.

In the News

  • Study quells fear that stimulant medications might encourage children to abuse drugs later in life. [full story]
  • Researchers find evidence indicating a common genetic link between AD/HD and reading disabilities. [full story]
  • CHADD and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention unveil their online library dedicated to improving access to research and resources about AD/HD. [full story]
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  • And more!
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