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Three articles plus a handy downloadable handout that will get you and your child ready for a successful school year!

Sunday August 1st - 2:49pm

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ADDitude Magazine ADDitude Gets Ready for School!


In the days to come, as you begin to prepare for the new school year, keep a watch out for the August/September 2004 annual Back-to-School issue of ADDitude. In addition to great articles on getting organized for school and AD/HD and girls, turn to the center of the magazine for a special pullout section. Ready to Learn! presents 16 pages of back-to-school tips on managing ADD at school in a booklet format, designed to be shared with other parents and teachers!

In this edition of the ADDitude e-newsletter we present three articles plus a handy downloadable handout that will get you and your child ready for a successful school year!

In this issue of the magazine, we introduce a new department! In Personal Journey we follow Rob as he, his parents, and his AD/HD Coach narrate the ups and downs of his teenage years. Pick up a copy of the Aug/Sep 2004 issue to read his story!

The staff of ADDitude

Recommended Reading

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Getting Ready to Go Back to School by Sandy Maynard

Children with AD/HD have a hard time with transitions, especially when the one in question is the end of summer and return to school. As parents, you would be prudent not to leave this change to the last minute. Coach Sandy steps in with targeted advice that will ensure calmer and better-prepared students when that first day of classes rolls around.

The Back-to-School Diagnosis by Bob Seay

At the start of each school year, physicians receive a flood of referrals for AD/HD. This diagnosis and any resulting medical treatment should only be the first step. If your child is newly diagnosed this year, Bob Seay urges you to assemble the best possible multidisciplinary team that you can. With physicians, psychologists, teachers, and special-ed instructors on your side, your child is more likely to succeed.

Lessons from Camp by Bob Seay

When standardized testing is the measure of success, our kids may not have a fair chance, and it becomes teachers?' responsibility to make sure they?'re doing all they can. Bob Seay meditates on the objective nature of blanket meritocracy, and other lessons he culled from an enlightening summer at band camp.

Handout: Classroom Accommodations to Help Students with AD/HD

Download and print this free PDF chart of recommended classroom accommodations and give a copy to your child's teacher.

In the News

The first National Attention Deficit Disorder Awareness Day is September 7, 2004! [full story]

Sixth annual ?"ADHD Experts on Call.?" On Monday, August 9, from 8 a.m. to midnight EDT, call toll-free, 1-888-ASK-ADHD, or log on to

Researchers discovering link between Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) and AD/HD. [full story]

Adults seeking treatment for AD/HD without proper diagnosis or referral. Study recommends that doctors screen for ADD in adults. [full story]

Read the full text of these news stories and more at

Check This Out

The Aug/Sep 2004 annual Back-to-School issue of ADDitude will be arriving at newsstands and in subscribers?Äô mailboxes soon. Highlights include:

  • Special Pullout Section: Ready to Learn! Find 16 pages of back-to-school advice, including ensuring success at school, writing an IEP, guide pages to AD/HD behaviors, and information about medication at school. Share the booklet with other parents and teachers!
  • The AD/HD Gender Gap Why girls with AD/HD go undiagnosed, and what you can do
  • Get Organized for School Learn the basics of academic organization and help your child get ready
  • Fresh Start If last school year was a washout, help your child turn things around
  • Book Smart A roundup of children?Äôs books that relate to ADD and LD
  • Ned Hallowell on college prep
  • And more!
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Get Involved

ADD Resources announces ?ÄúDriven to Distraction,?Äù its annual conference. October 9-10, 2004 in Tukwila, Washington. Major presenters include Edward Hallowell, M.D., and Kathleen Nadeau, Ph.D. 04.php.

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