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ADDitude assists you in writing to your child's teacher, preparing for the first parent-teacher conference, and collecting and storing important paperwork.

Wednesday September 1st - 2:46pm

ADDitude Magazine ADDitude on Parent-Teacher Communication.


With Labor Day behind us and the days already growing shorter, ADDitude rings in the 2004-05 school year.

In this edition of our e-newsletter we present three articles that will help smooth the transition, now and in the future. In archived articles by Ellen Kingsley and Bob Seay, ADDitude assists you in writing to your child?Äôs teacher, preparing for the first parent-teacher conference, and collecting and storing important paperwork.

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To Those Who May Teach My Child by Ellen Kingsley

An introductory letter to your child?'s teacher will smooth the way when you make needed requests for accommodations or extra help throughout the school year, and show the teacher that you are there to provide support and understanding?Äîas long as she does the same. We provide a sample letter to use as a guide in crafting your own.

Talking with Your Child?Äôs Teacher by Bob Seay

?"Having to talk to teachers (or counselors, principal, or disciplinary officers, etc.),?" Bob Seay writes, is an inevitable part of having a child with AD/HD. From keeping emotions in check to empathizing with the teacher and moving towards a workable solution, keep his talking tips in mind as you prepare for the first conversation of the year.

Record Keeping for Parents by Bob Seay

Under the IDEA law, parents are entitled to copies of all school records that pertain to their child, and Bob Seay urges you to take advantage of this right. The records you file away today may become vital testaments to your child?Äôs ability level if you ever move or change schools, or if paperwork gets lost (as it well may) at your child?Äôs current school.

In the News

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Stress during pregnancy may lead to AD/HD in kids. [full story]

Patients taking antidepressants more likely to demonstrate suicidal behavior early in treatment rather than later. [full story]

Parents of AD/HD children need screening for the disorder, too. [full story]

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  • The AD/HD Gender Gap Why girls with AD/HD go undiagnosed, and what you can do
  • Get Organized for School Learn the basics of academic organization and help your child get ready
  • Fresh Start If last school year was a washout, help your child turn things around
  • Book Smart A roundup of children?Äôs books that relate to ADD and LD
  • Ned Hallowell on college prep
  • And more!
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