Helpful Tips for ADHD Adults

Tips on careers, time management, and ways to enjoy ADD-living.

Tuesday March 1st - 4:58pm

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We've been thrilled to see so much activity lately on the ADDitude Community Yahoo! Group. Our wonderful group members have been posting interesting topics and contributing helpful comments from their personal experiences. Make sure you sign-up today to join the discussion!

This e-newsletter is for our ADDitude ADDults! Here are some articles featuring tips on careers, time management, and ways to enjoy ADD-living.

—The editors of ADDitude

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Great Articles for Adults with ADD

It's About Time

Can you (with ADD) and your spouse (without) get your clocks to tick in tandem? Plus, how ADD-ers can befriend time.

Should You Tell Your Boss About Your AD/HD?

How, when, and whether to ask for ADD accomodations on the job.

10 Keys to Conquering ADD in the Office

Here are 10 problems that you may encounter on the job, and 10 ways to solve them.

Upcoming in ADDitude

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So Many Camps, So Many Choices!

Learn how to find the best summer camp programs for kids with ADD, as well as what to expect while camp?Äôs in session.

Lowering the High Cost of ADD

Meet three families that got the best possible care for their ADD kids, despite the high costs involved. Plus, seven financial strategies that all parents of LD/ADD kids need to know.

Domestic Unrest

Why adults with mild ADD may do fine at the office but struggle at home. Plus, seven common flashpoints for non-ADD spouses.


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jetBlue Airways Chairman & CEO, David Neeleman, on launching an airline the same year he was diagnosed with ADD. $5 discount when you mention ADDitude magazine! City University of New York Graduate Center. Call (212) 817-8215.

ADD in the Corner Office

Read more about the success of Mr. Neeleman and other business professionals with ADD.

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