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Learn how to find the right balance of structure and downtime for your family.

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The time to start planning your family's summer is now. In this e-newsletter, read ?ÄúHow to Survive Summer Vacation?Äù to learn how to find the right balance of structure and downtime for your family.

Keep your child reading this summer with the selection of books for kids about AD/HD and LD, along with related parent-child activities, you'll find in ?ÄúBook Smart.?Äù And for those of you who have just been diagnosed, read "You've Got Adult ADD... Now What?" to learn what your next step should be.

—The editors of ADDitude

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PDF Handout: Success at School Tip Sheet

From ADDitude’s annual back-to-school issue, a tip sheet to help both parents and teachers manage ADD at school.

Purchase the full version of Ready to Learn or other ADDitude Booklets online.

6 Ways to Make the Most of Summer Vacation

Learn how to make June to September a happy break for the whole family.

Book Smart

ADDitude picks the 29 Best Summer Reads for kids with ADD and LD, along with fun take-away activities.

You've Got Adult ADD... Now What?

You've just been given the diagnosis you'd long suspected: You have adult AD/HD. What happens now?

Upcoming in ADDitude

The June/July issue is arriving soon in subscribers' mailboxes!

Making Peace with Your Defiant Child

Angry, oppositional behavior is not unusual for kids with AD/HD. Here are the specific parenting techniques that will help defuse potentially explosive situations.

Exclusive excerpt from The Gift of AD/HD

Try these parent-child behavioral exercises to build on your child?Äôs creativity and improve his self-esteem this summer.

Would You Be Better Off Without Meds?

There are many reasons to discontinue medication?Äîand one right way to go about it. If you?Äôve been considering a drug holiday, we?Äôll show you how you how to do it right.

Secrets of Focus

Inability to concentrate makes things difficult at work and at school--and drug therapy goes only so far toward fixing the problem. Here's what else you can do to make yourself and your child distraction proof.

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  • Looking for some summer reading? Look no further than ADDitude?Äôs online bookstore. You'll find all the great books that have been featured in the pages of ADDitude magazine.
  • Download FlyLady?Äôs master packing list today and never agonize over packing for road trips again!

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