7 Truths About ADHD

The tools you need to talk about AD/HD with the people in your life. Whether with a teacher, a coach, or just a friend, these articles will help you speak knowledgably and with ease, no matter what the setting.

Monday August 1st - 4:50pm

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It seems that, nowadays, everyone has something to say about AD/HD. The editors of ADDitude know how difficult it can be to talk about AD/HD-but never fear! We've searched our archives to give you the tools you need to talk about AD/HD with the people in your life. Whether with a teacher, a coach, or just a friend, these articles will help you speak knowledgably and with ease, no matter what the setting.

For more general information about AD/HD to share with others, check out the ABCs of AD/HD section of our website.

The Staff of ADDitude

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Feature Articles

7 AD/HD Myths Debunked!

People continue to harbor many mistaken beliefs about AD/HD. Use this PDF to learn the truth about AD/HD, and hand it out to non-believers to set the record straight.

ADD Adults Can Succeed!

This ADDer rode his bike from coast to coast to counter negative perceptions about ADD, educate the public, and show that anyone with ADD can succeed.

To Those Who May Teach My Child

An introductory letter to your child's teacher will show that you are there to provide support and understanding-as long as she does the same. Use this sample letter to craft your own.

6 Steps to Success at School

Parents: Here's a step-by-step guide to working with your child's school and getting your child the services he needs.

How to Coach the Coach

Team sports may be particularly difficult for children with ADD. Here's how to talk to your child's sports coach at the beginning of the season to set your child up for success.

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In the News

  • AD/HD Affects Men and Women Equally

    According to a recent study, girls with AD/HD may have been misdiagnosed by physicians on a routine basis.

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    "Miss Diagnosis" takes on a whole new meaning for girls that have AD/HD.

  • Bonus Book Recommendation:

    First Star I See by Jaye Andras Caffrey Finally--a book about AD/HD from a girl's point of view! Buy this book from Amazon.com

  • Paying for Special Education

    Good news, taxpayers! A recent IRS ruling suggests that parents of children with AD/HD and other disabilities may soon be able to claim tuition as a medical expense.

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    Simple financial strategies to help finance the high cost of ADD.

  • Bonus Book Recommendation:

    When Too Much Isn't Enough, by Wendy Richardson, M.A. Richardson explores the links between self-destructive behaviors and the symptoms of AD/HD. Buy this book from Amazon.com

In the Magazine

Highlights of the August/September 2005 issue of ADDitude include:

ADD at Work: A little workplace ingenuity can light your way to career success. By Royce Flippin

Can the Right Diet Ease ADD Symptoms? Scientific evidence is still sketchy, but many feel nutrition can make a big difference. By Tina Adler

Success at School: A bonus back-to-school pull out! Help your child thrive from kindergarten through college.

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