Fresh Ideas for Spring

A Q&A with one of the pioneering researchers studying the link between exposure to green environments and more than a sense of well-being, as well as some ideas for getting back to nature.

Saturday April 1st - 4:31pm

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Ask ADDitude's experts:

Q: My professors say my ideas are great, but my grades suffer because I hand in my assignments late. Do you have any suggestions?
To change your behavior, you must start placing as much value on the timely completion of your assignments as you do on their overall quality. List the characteristics that make you proud of your work-it's original, unconventional, and so on-and add "completed on time" to that list. In addition, set deadlines for completing portions of each assignment, rather than thinking only of the project's final due date. Finally, schedule appointments with your professors to get feedback about your ideas, discuss an outline, or review your progress. This holds you accountable-and shows your professors that you've gotten serious about meeting deadlines.
-SANDY MAYNARD, AD/HD coach, Washington, D.C.

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As the weather warms up and flowers bloom all around, we need little incentive to linger outdoors. But exposure exposure to green environments can provide more than a sense of well-being--it may actually curb symtoms of ADD. In this e-newsletter, we offer a Q&A with one of the pioneering researchers studying this link, as well as some ideas for getting back to nature.

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The Natural Remedy for ADD
Studies led by University of Illinois researcher Frances Kuo, Ph.D., have linked time spent in natural surroundings to an increased ability to focus. Recently, ADDitude spoke with Dr. Kuo and asked her what we need to know to make the most of this benefit for ourselves and our kids.

Build Better Moods
"Green time" can help you focus, excercise produces endorphins, and sunlight may help "program" our brains improve our sleep and mood patterns. Dr. Quinn explores the triple benefit of exercising outdoors on a sunny day.

PLUS: More Outdoor Exercise Tips

Gardening Made Easy 
Planting and tending a garden is a great way to spend time outdoors-especially if you can avoid the headache of hours of weeding. Follow FlyLady's simple guidelines and recapture the joy in yardwork.

PLUS: Gardening Tips for Kids

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