Get Ready for Summer!

Tips for keeping your life in order during the crazy summer months!

Monday May 1st - 4:29pm

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>>Athletes tell their ADD succes stories
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Making ADD Work:

On-the-Job Strategies for Coping with Attention Deficit Disorder

by Blythe Grossberg, Psy.D.

"I've always had the gut feeling that having ADD has worked to my great advantage," JetBlue Airways CEO David Neeleman says in the preface of Making ADD Work, the new book by career consultant Blythe Grossberg.

As any adult ADDer knows, the right work environment can make a huge difference in productivity and performance.

Grossberg tells inspiring stories from hundreds of adults with ADD, from office workers and ADD coaches to CEOs and entrepreneurs. Making ADD Work can help you develop the confidence to see success as a possibility.

Read all of Michele Novotni's review and find more books about ADD living at
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Dear Reader,

The end of the school year and the rising temperature can only mean one thing: Summer's almost here!

For a person with ADD, that can mean days filled with surprises and spontaneity--or chaos with little time to enjoy yourself.  

In this issue of ADDitude's new weekly e-newsletter, we'll give you tips for keeping your life in order during the crazy summer months!

The editors of ADDitude

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Visit for info about the best ways to exercise and stay healthy by using ADD to your advantage.

ADD Adults: How to Relax

People with AD/HD don't relax in the usual way. ADDitude's Coach on Call Sandy Maynard tells you how to ensure your summer vacation provides the R&R you need.

Making the Most of Summer Vacation

AD/HD kids need structure, and with the right mix of scheduling and spontaneity, June to September can be a happy break for the whole family.

Getting Your Kids Off The Couch

Don't let TV and video games take the place of recess this summer. Here are five things parents can do to get children involved in healthy activity while school is out.

We Want to Know!

Many people continue to believe that AD/HD affects only children. Have you ever been told that "adults can't have ADD"? E-mail and tell us your stories about age-related AD/HD myths.

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